83bar: A Patient Engagement Strategy That Produces Tech company tackles the challenge...

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83bar: A Patient Engagement Strategy That Produces Tech company tackles the challenge of converting patients to active healthcare consumers

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Robert Baurys, CEO, 83barRobert Baurys, CEO
As healthcare evolves to meet the growing needs of patients and providers, companies are scrambling to develop strategies that can accommodate the rapid pace under which patients want to connect with information about treatment options and with providers who can help.

One tech company has built a solution to turn a historically passive approach to finding treatment into an active pathway that offers improved healthcare outcomes for patients while providing a better ROI for healthcare providers. Based in Austin, Texas, 83bar (aptly named the patient activation company) focuses on locating and educating patients using a powerful combination of engaging marketing strategies, a proprietary survey and CRM platform, and a clinical nurse call center that effectively and efficiently converts interested patients into active healthcare consumers. It is the first totally integrated software platform that tracks a prospective patient from initial engagement through onboarding—both online and offline.

This powerful and streamlined system includes four phases that drive patient activation: 83bar locates, educates, navigates, and finally advocates for patients who enter their funnel. Patients are identified using targeted advertisements and educated using trend-forward content strategies that build credibility and offer a positive patient experience. After completing a brief health survey, patients are immediately connected with a nurse who further builds the rapport.

83bar locates, educates, navigates, and finally advocates for patients who enter their funnel

They are guided and supported through the entire process; a process that includes educating them, navigating them to an appointment and following up with providers—whether it’s a clinical trial or a treatment opportunity.

Throughout this process, a paramount priority is the speed with which patients are connected. 83bar knows when patients are looking for information about treatment, and captures their interest when it’s top of mind; retaining a captive audience and providing best-in-class customer service. This active and integrative approach has proven results, generating an average return of $7.50 for every $1 invested.

With twenty-plus years in the healthcare marketplace, 83bar has built a database of over 850,000 patients seeking to connect with providers in the medical device and diagnostics industries, while recently adding clinical trial recruitment and pharmaceuticals to its roster. CEO Bob Baurys has enjoyed watching his company grow and adapt to the changing trends of a digital healthcare marketing ecosystem that in large part dictates the success of a patient engagement strategy. “It’s been an exciting journey. We are experiencing significant growth as we have been able to change the speed and effectiveness paradigm in both commercial and clinical trial recruitment efforts. I’m so grateful to our forward-thinking partners who have been willing to rewrite the “rulebook” with us regarding patient activation.”

83bar has yielded positive results from its hard work which is illustrated not only by its growing patient database, but client and employee satisfaction as well. In three years, the company has grown from 15 employees to 60, and reports a 219 percent increase in revenue from 2018 to 2019.
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Austin, TX

Robert Baurys, CEO

Provides a concierge platform to help move passive patients to active healthcare consumers