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Top 10 Pharma Marketing Service Companies - 2019


While pharmaceutical companies and other life sciences organizations are beginning to see the benefits of online digital advertising and dynamic marketing campaigns, they don’t necessarily possess the expertise to successfully win over their target audience. This is where pharma marketing services and consulting companies come into play, leveraging latest technologies and solutions to help pharmaceutical companies design content-rich marketing strategies and support every phase of a drug or medical device’s lifecycle.

Featured on the cover page of this listing is Copy & Art Advertising, a boutique digital firm that specializes in customer-focused pharmaceutical marketing for patient, provider, and payer audiences in addition to other healthcare sectors. The New York-based company specializes in getting the right message to the right audience in the most compelling way and developing marketing materials that resonate with audiences across the healthcare spectrum.

Just like Copy & Art, progressive pharma marketing consultancies don’t offer just marketing services and support to their clients. They help pharmaceutical brands market, deploy, and sell drugs/devices across the whole patient lifecycle. For example, if a pharmaceutical company chooses the print medium (to market products), the consulting company supports the marketing initiatives accordingly. Similarly, if a medical devices manufacturer chooses DRTV, the provider designs a strategy to improve call-arrival patterns required by direct-to-consumer responses/campaigns.

The top pharma marketing services include customer behavior counseling, patient education, brand loyalty, and compliance-related services. Besides marketing to consumers through multiple channels, pharmaceutical companies are pushing different products for varying target audiences: physicians, pharmacies, and patients.

As medical authorities implement more regulations, pharmaceutical companies are using automation and transformation to obtain swift clearances during every state of drug evolution. In leafing through these pages, your company can identify a vendor that can not only improve your marketing strategy but make a direct impact on your ROI.

We present to you, Pharma Tech Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Pharma Marketing Consulting/Services Companies - 2019.’

    Top Pharma Marketing Service Companies

  • Among the top 10 Pharma Marketing Solution Providers, Copy & Art is a boutique digital firm that specializes in customer-focused pharmaceutical marketing for patient, provider, and payer audiences in addition to other healthcare sectors. The company specializes in getting the right message to the right audience in the most compelling way and developing marketing materials that resonate with audiences across the healthcare spectrum. Through a profound understanding of all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical arena, Copy & Art functions as the marketing vehicle for organizations. The relationships cultivated by Copy & Art are testaments to its expertise in the pharmaceutical industry and its position at the forefront of pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing.

  • Luckie fuses data, strategic insight, and artful communication to drive high-impact business results. One of the top pharma marketing solutions providers, Luckie harnesses data science, behavioral science, and applied marketing science to design “creatively relevant” campaigns for various stakeholders in the pharma and healthcare sectors. Besides building connections between doctors, patients, payers, and the salesforce, Luckie’s marketing solutions also include search (SEO and SEM), online advertising, website design, experiential marketing, and digital and programmatic media. Since acquiring Integrative Logic in 2011, the agency has witnessed a 400 percent business growth at its Atlanta headquarters operations

  • 2e Creative

    2e Creative

    The agency of 2e is focused on the advancement of global healthcare brands. The company tries to introduce their patients, clinicians, and caregivers with life-changing solutions. The solutions may vary from technologies that identify biomarkers in cancer patients to therapies that help people to recover from opioid addiction. The company tries to find clients with overlapping goals so that they can build overlapping success by embracing the challenge in work and by challenging the status quo. Moreover, 2e also collaborate with their colleagues worldwide so that they can provide their partners with the unique opportunities, resources, and global perspectives that they need to achieve exponential growth for their brands

  • CanaleComm


    CanaleComm has maintained its focus on life science from the very starting. The company can boast about working with various biotech, medtech, and pharma companies at every stage of development. These years of experience make the team unique as they understand the industry landscape and can translate a company's business objectives into a communication strategy that works. The company specializes in strategic communications, public relations, investor communications, visual communications, and even in content development and digital design. Corporate reputation is critical to navigating the life science marketplace, and it can be shaped by how a company communicates with investors, is featured in the newspaper, CanaleComm helps its clients to achieve this successfully

  • Cellandtech Group

    Cellandtech Group

    A strategic planning and commercialization consultancy firm, CELLANDTECH provides an array of solutions to help their clients address market needs and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. The company works with development-stage life science companies, venture capitalists, and contract research organizations (CROs) worldwide. Moreover, CELLANDTECH also provides its clients with experience-based insight, deep analysis, and pragmatic strategy, keeping their focus on product and services strategy, new product planning strategy, and market access and pricing strategy. Their experienced team of consultants meets their clients' unique needs in the dynamic healthcare and business environment by bringing in a vast amount of marketplace insight, therapy area experience, and strategic partnership expertise

  • Digitant Consulting

    Digitant Consulting

    Companies depending on a comprehensive digital marketing package to boost the ROI or want the spotlight SEO to increase website traffic can rely on Digitant as they provide exactly all of them. The company is passionate about creating success stories for its clients, and they do that successfully by evaluating the strengths and challenges. Besides, they give an assessment to their clients that is derived from deep, data-driven analytics, designing a practical strategy, and finally implementing it with full support from all of their resources. The company believes, or their core values while working are communication, technology, transparency, holistic success, and accountability

  • Lightspeed


    Lightspeed All Global offers innovative qualitative and quantitative solutions for the growing challenges by utilizing the powerful healthcare panel to provide professional and patient community solutions. The company offers high-quality healthcare research services for the top global research companies. Lightspeed also has a long heritage as an innovator in the healthcare research sector. Moreover, they also have a team that provides expert services to the diagnostic companies with a full range of expert services, from recruitment to complete project management, including translation, moderation, transcription, and report writing. The professionals are also a dedicated team of project managers who have a wealth of experience in qualitative healthcare market research

  • Medical Minds

    Medical Minds

    A healthcare communication agency, Medical Minds help pharma, biotech, device, and diagnostic companies as well as the patient advocacy groups to educate physicians and patients about the various products and services that can improve a patient's health and well-being. Medical Mind supports the companies through development, clinical trials, and commercialization with their unique depth and breadth of scientific, clinical, and creative capabilities. Since the company works at the forefront of medicine with multiple clients so they can introduce new categories, educate on diagnostic tests and targeted therapies, and also teach physicians and patients how to use new drugs and devices

  • Morgan Creative Group

    Morgan Creative Group

    The Morgan Creative Group is focused on the pharmaceutical industry. The company has extensive experience in pharmaceutical advertising and marketing, which includes devices and prescription drugs. Since they are a fully integrated in-house adverting agency, it helps them to see the challenges faced by their clients with extreme clarity. The company has a deep understanding of businesses' needs and develop insights that will develop unique solutions with creative results. The services provided by Morgan consists of brand and positioning, consumer promotions, HCR promotions, web and native apps, media, social, search, tradeshows, launch extravaganzas, and loyalty programs

  • The Schwartz Group

    The Schwartz Group

    The Schwartz Group is a healthcare-exclusive outsource partner that expands its clients' marketing reach and recruitment capabilities. The company achieves this with its focused telemarketing services, which is performed by the most experienced and professional employees. Schwartz Group was founded in 2002, and from then, they have successfully executed many healthcare marketing campaigns that have been designed to increase attendance at medical meetings or grow market share trough customized, data-driven outreach. The company specializes in pharmaceuticals. list cleansing, expert tele-detailing, market intelligence gathering, audience generation, lead generation, and urgent message delivery