ICUC.Social: Demystifying Social Media Management

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ICUC.Social: Demystifying Social Media Management

Hannah Simmons, Director, Regulated Accounts, ICUC.SocialHannah Simmons, Director, Regulated Accounts
Social media has undoubtedly become a key component in everyone’s daily lives. So much so that as of 2021, the total number of people using social media is over 3.96 billion worldwide. In parallel, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also ignited the popularity of social media platforms, revolutionizing the marketing strategies employed in every industry, and pharma is no different. Over the past year, the pandemic outcomes have driven a massive increase in telehealth adoption, and pharma companies have been receptive to the fact that more patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers today are using social media platforms. However, for companies in the highly regulated industries, especially pharma, social media marketing and the associated compliance remain a daunting task due to the strict guidelines, disclosure laws, and other moderated regulations. They need experts to help them navigate the complexities of the ever-changing pharma landscape and ultimately start a successful social media program while maintaining compliance.

Enter ICUC.Social. As an industry-leading social media management agency founded in 2002, ICUC has successfully delivered content moderation, community management, social listening, review management, and insights services for nearly two decades. The firm helps pharma companies analyze, develop, and execute marketing strategies to build their digital presence seamlessly. “We are global experts in digital community building, customer service, safety, and protection. We are the eyes and ears of over 200 global and national enterprise brands within our portfolio, providing them full service 24/7, throughout the year,” asserts Erika Lovegreen, SVP, marketing &communications at ICUC.Social.

Today, in addition to marketing, an increasing number of pharma companies have been leveraging social media platforms to enhance consumer relationships, as well as improve brand management based on the market intelligence generated by monitoring and analyzing user-generated content. As more pharma companies look to build their online reputation, an expert level of social media monitoring is critical for creating safe and compliant programs while simultaneously gathering data and reporting anything that could potentially become an adverse event (AE). However, managing and reporting the growing volumes of AEs due to the rapidly increasing digital adoption is progressively more challenging for pharma companies as the number of data sources grows.

We leverage tools with the mixture of human moderation to ensure that we have that human sentiment behind our service delivery, which sets us apart from our competitors

As the global leader and provider of adverse event monitoring for pharma brands, such as Novartis, UCB, Teva, and more, ICUC is spearheading this realm. “We create a pain-free adverse event monitoring process and programming and a scalable solution for our partners both in terms of global reach, as well as language capability,” states Erika.

The company utilizes its technology-accelerated human teams to deliver social media marketing services that help businesses grow and exceed goals. “We leverage tools with the mixture of human moderation to ensure that we have that human sentiment behind our service delivery, which sets us apart from our competitors,” says Hannah Simmons, director, regulated accounts at ICUC.Social.

With its global team of content creators, social listeners, and customer service experts working on marketing the clients’ products in over 30 languages, ICUC creates an effective social media presence for them. The company analyzes the data from its social media monitoring tools to provide clients with valuable customer service insights and readily catches potential arising crises and mitigates damage before it ever happens. Moreover, ICUC supports its clients in every step of their digital journey—from delivering a complete social strategy, engaging with customers through social listening, to creating viral social content.

Over the years, ICUC has carved a unique niche for itself in the market and become a renowned name known for assisting its clients in increasing ROI, brand loyalty and keeping them relevant. The company has been leveraging a 100 percent remote business infrastructure, even before the pandemic, and has worked with brands worldwide and in several languages, providing a robust understanding of the governance in different countries. Steering ahead, the ICUC plans to continue helping its clients align their strategies to successfully leverage emerging platforms such as TikTok, Clubhouse, and more in the best way possible. Considering the ongoing trend of people “flocking to community” and the consequent traction toward social media platforms, creating compliant, efficient, and effective AE programs on new platforms will be a necessity for pharma companies. “We will continue to be technology-agnostic and leverage tools required by the client with a mixture of human moderation and work across all different platforms to help them set up programs that enhance their customer retention and brand perception,” concludes Hannah.
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Hannah Simmons, Director, Regulated Accounts and Erika Lovegreen, SVP, Marketing & Communications

ICUC.Social is an industry-leading social media community management and digital customer service agency founded in 2002 that delivers both regulated and non-regulated contentmoderation, community management, social listening, review management, and insights services. ICUC is on a mission to remind the world there are humans behind brands. To learn more, visit